Shana M.


 Shana M. griffin is a feminist activist, independent researcher, applied sociologist, artist, and mother. Shana’s work is interdisciplinary and undisciplinary, centering black feminist practices that attend to the lived experiences of the black Diaspora. Whether serving on a board, a member of a collective, conducting research, collaborating on an art project, documenting social movements, organizing a conference, or establishing a new initiative or organization, her work is expansive and exists in multiple social justice formations, contexts, and capacities.  Her activism and research centers the experiences of black women most vulnerable to the violence of poverty, carcerality, polluted environments, reproductive legislation, economic exploitation, and housing discrimination.

She’s the co-founder of Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative, the first community land trust in New Orleans; and co-producer of Sooner or Later, Somebody’s Gonna Fight Back, a documentary and multimedia project on the Louisiana State Chapter of the Black Panther Party .  Shana co-founded the Women’s Health & Justice Initiative (2006 - 2016), a feminist of color organizing project; and the New Orleans Women’s Health Clinic (2006 – 2010), which provided safe, affordable, and non-coercive sexual and reproductive health services, education, and advocacy to nearly 9,000 women throughout the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.    

Her current project DISPLACED chronicles the institutionalization of spatial residential segregation, discriminatory housing practices, property-led development, and the violence of displacement in New Orleans.  PUNCTUATE, her latest initiative supported in part through her Weaver’s Fellowship seeks to provoke the use of black feminist discourses, organizing strategies, and geographic positioning to address intersecting forms of violence experienced by black women and their communities.